Nuclear News

November 2019 - Researchers have discovered a new way to optimize results in treating patients with prostate cancer tumors while minimizing negative side effects. The study is featured in the November issue of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine. Read more here.

July 2013 - KINEVAC® (Sincalide for Injection) will be unavailable until after Sept 1st 2013.  Cumberland Isotopes supplier, Bracco (,  notified us on Monday that limited orders and shortages will have an impact on inventories throughout August.  Should you have any questions please contact one of our staff at 606-864-3329

March 2013 - A great article from the Journal of Nuclear Medicine technology.  "On the heels of one of the most contentious, divisive general elections in recent history, one topic will remain front and  center: our nation’s health care. Political pundits and prominent health-care experts concur that health-care reform is here to stay. As we enter into its third year of implementation, a salient question remains: What does health reform mean for nuclear  medicine and molecular imaging? The objectives of this article are, first, to present a background of key provisions of the  Affordable Care Act and its relevance to nuclear medicine and molecular imaging; second, to highlight specific challenges  in defining and measuring quality in the field; and third, to outline future trends that will be anticipated in the coming  year."    Read more here.

October 2012 - Cumberland Isotopes continues to offer the first and only FDA approved radiopharmaceutical with the indication to assist in the localization of lymph nodes draining a primary tumor in patients with breast cancer or melanoma with a hand-held gamma scanner.  Download the complete information PDF here.